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Our front desk is so much quieter now that we have the room booking under control, the lawyers can see from their own desk when rooms are open and make their appointments accordingly.
F. Fanlon Office Manager
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Libris Booking System

The Libris Booking System is a flexible booking and scheduling package that can be used for a huge range of scheduling tasks ranging from booking meeting and conference rooms to keeping a diary for a community or village hall or church to scheduling personnel, as well as many other uses. If you have a need to schedule something then Libris is the package you need. The Libris Booking System comes in three slightly different versions and can be adapted for many other needs. The three version are:



Room Booking Software
Libris Room Booking Software has been designed to take all the hassle out of managing the booking of rooms. Libris Room Booking Software can be used for a variety of needs from booking conference and meeting rooms along with any audio visual equipment and catering services to booking limos along with allocating drivers. Click here to find out more about what it can do for you.



Hall Booking Software

Libris Hall Booking Software is specifically developed for use by any hall without the community - this could be church halls, village halls and community centres. Libris Hall Booking Software can manage all the confirmations and even publish your diary on to your web site. Click here for more information.



Personnel Scheduling Software

Libris Personnel Scheduling Software can be used in any situation where you need to book your personnel out to clients or other departments. Libris Personnel Scheduling Software can keep track of each employee's shift patterns and rotas, and has the capability to search for the next available member of staff with the necessary skills for a particular job. Click here to see what else the software can do.



Libris Add-On Modules

Libris Web Viewer

This system makes it possible for everyone in your corporation to have the opportunity to view Libris through a web browser and see what conference rooms are open for use, and what resources are availvable within that facility. It does not allow them to change the information, only view it. All of this can be done right from their own computer or laptop across a local network or the internet.

Libris Invoicing

This user-friendly invoicing system can be used to track use of rooms or facilities and services and monies that need to be charged to clients and or internally for a specific facility. This product once again makes Libris a time saving, effective tool for all your facilities managment needs.

Libris Attendees

This program keeps track of all people in each meeting. This system allows you to keep track of where your people and guests are. This system helps to make your office more efficient and less confusing.

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